What Does a Personal Stylist Really Do?

What does a personal stylist really do_(1)


Do you ever wonder what a personal stylist really does? It’s a good question. Here’s a peek into my process.

In a few weeks I will be catching a flight to Houston to do a full wardrobe makeover for a client, A.E.

A.E. is a published author and a new mom who has classic taste with a retro edge. She also is married to a great guy who came up with the idea of a complete new wardrobe for her — no occasion, just because. (Hint, hint, other hubbies.)

I’ve been consulting with A.E. over the Internet for several months. Now, we get to do a complete wardrobe makeover in person.


With every new client I do hours of background work before we ever hit the stores. There’s even more to do when the client is out of town.

So far, in preparation for this Houston trip I have

  • created A.E.’s style profile — her wants and needs
  • pre-shopped for her online so that our shopping trips are efficient as well as fun
  • started outlining our shopping game plan — which stores to visit in what order
  • mapped the stores we need to hit
  • found a nearby 5-star tailor for any alterations she may need and corresponded with him about pricing. (I checked out several tailors, read the reviews and chose one that has an enthusiastic repeat clientele. My choice even has a review that raves about how patient they were with a client’s infant son. A.E. has an infant son, so that review was icing on the cake.)
  • planned A.E.’s “Look Book”


When I arrive at A.E.’s home, the real action will start with her closet audit. We’ll go through her existing wardrobe and see what is worth keeping, what needs to be altered, what needs something to go with it, and what needs to be donated. I’ll also style her closet to make the most of what she has when we’ve finished sorting.


What does a personal stylist really do_


Then, it will be time for the shopping and tailoring and making her “Look Book” that will show her how all the pieces go together. Throughout the process I will keep in mind who A.E. is, how her wardrobe needs to function, and what it needs to say about her.


capsule wardrobe


At the end, A.E. will have a wardrobe that works for her, makes her feel beautiful, and perfectly expresses her style.

That is what a personal stylist does.

Are you ready for personal style consultation? Contact me today, and let’s get started!


Read what A.E. had to say about her experience in her testimonial.





2 thoughts on “What Does a Personal Stylist Really Do?

  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about personal stylists. It was really cool to learn what your process is like, like how you mapped out what stores to visit and in which order. I’m a bit interested to learn more about what this process was like or the different research that was involved to know what to look for.


    1. Hello, Taylor. It looks like you’re in the same business from the url on your comment. It’s nice to connect with a fellow stylist from across the pond.
      My process comes down to knowing my client, knowing my stores, and 16 years experience. Everything I do is client focused, so it’s less about a formula, more about relationship. I hope that’s helpful.


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