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“When we first asked Sharon to help us with a complete wardrobe overhaul, it was for my wife. My wife is an amazingly beautiful woman who struggled with finding clothes that made her feel comfortable. I have a feeling most husbands would identify with the challenges of having a spouse frustrated that she could never find the perfect clothes. How many times had I heard her bemoaning the fact that she “had nothing to wear”? I want my wife to feel good with her clothes and to be happy with her wardrobe, but it seemed like every time she would go shopping (even with a healthy budget), she would come back, stressed out from being in a mall all day, and never proud of the clothes she did find (any other husbands hate to hear the wife say “Meh…it’s okay…” in reference to expensive clothes that were supposed to solve the problem??). 

Then we talked to Sharon. In describing our situation to her, Sharon understood the all-too-common frustration most people encounter when looking for clothes- unless you’re one of those bean pole mannequins (good for you if you are) no items come tailored to fit. We decided to fly Sharon in for a few days and help my wife with a wardrobe makeover. With an established budget and pre-shopping done by Sharon beforehand (amazing time saver by the way), my wife had a completely new look by the end of the week, including a detailed “look book” providing her with a vast number of amazing clothes configurations. She could literally dress for weeks with unique clothes combinations without the need for a high number of expensive outfits. 

Sharon was so impressive with the way she “read” my wife, her personality and tastes, her likes and dislikes. She knew what she wanted without my wife having to vocalize it. You have to understand- my wife hates clothes shopping. As in, Dante should have included it as a 10th Circle of Hell all by itself. But because Sharon took the pain out of it, my wife actually had an incredibly fun time.

I was so impressed, I had to schedule my own makeover with Sharon! I had just gotten out of grad school and had begun my professional career. I had always dressed better than my academic colleagues, but needless to say, I needed to throw some things away.

Again, Sharon impressed. Knowing I had an incredibly busy schedule, she did all of the pre-shopping and orchestrated a single day for her and me to get everything I needed. 

For me, it wasn’t just about looking your best and a new wardrobe; Sharon showed me how to shop and what to look for. Her eye for affordable quality now helps me stand out in the workplace. I can’t describe how many times I was mistaken for the more senior professional (albeit I am one of the more junior staff members in our office), all because my clients understand a well-dressed individual. 

Thank you, Sharon. Your knowledge and expertise were invaluable.”

-Joshua White, Engineer at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the attention and service I received from Sharon. 

 I have always loathed shopping for clothes. I know what I like when I see it, but I’ve never had the patience to dig through endless racks. 
 I found shopping to be stressful, and I always walked out of the store with nothing or an item I was less than thrilled about.
 My experience with Sharon was completely different. By the time Sharon and I hit the stores, she already had assembled a list of what I needed and where to get it.
She did her homework and knew her stuff, and it made the shopping experience so much more enjoyable. 
I came home with pieces that I love that are versatile, but her expertise didn’t end there. It was fascinating to see her go through my closet and pair my new items with what I already had. 
She was able to assemble outfits and pair items that I would never have thought to put together. I learned what looks good on me and what doesn’t, and I learned a few tricks to help me utilize the wardrobe that I have. 
Now I can walk into my closet and be excited to pick out something to wear rather than dreading it.”

-A. E. Barnes, Author


“I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed my clothes and the jewelry! I have gotten several compliments and told how well put together and fun I look.  What a nice thing to have said, right? I can’t thank you enough!!”

-Lisa Teakell, Interior Designer and Owner at Lisa Teakell Design


“I had never hired an image consultant before. I had never allowed anyone to choose clothes for me or to shop for me. I would have been nervous except that Sharon is personable, confident, and easy to relate to. She clearly made the consulting about my needs and not about her ability. It was almost like we were two good friends shopping together. That put me at ease, made it easier to listen to her and trust her, and gave me the confidence to try on things I never would have on my own.

Sharon had done her homework. She knew what my expectations were and purposes of the professional makeover. She knew which stores to go to in which part of town and what to try on in each store. She chose the right sizes, colors, fabrics, designs, and wardrobe pieces so I ended up with many different outfits. It was an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Sharon was so good at what she did that I can still wear the clothes and jewelry today, many years later. Many of them are timeless. I still get compliments on the outfits and still wear them professionally.

I easily recommend Sharon. Hire her. You will be amazed at the difference wearing the right clothes can make. Truly!”

-Kathy K.

“I highly recommend Sharon as a personal stylist and image consultant. I brought her in to work with one of my clients and she did an excellent job. The change was amazing!!!”

-Mike Roundtree, Principal at Zebra Crossing, LLC

“Sharon was very helpful when I was looking for a dress for my daughter’s wedding. She was personable and knew the clothing line well. The colors were gorgeous. I was thankful to have her expertise. I recommend Sharon as an image consultant! I think you will be very happy with her work.”

-Katherine Hagood, Health & Wellness Coach



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