Wardrobe Misfit Makeover: Floral Dress

wmm-floral-dress-editionIt’s been a while since I posted a Wardrobe Misfit Makeover, but I have a great one for you today. The other Wardrobe Misfits I have styled have been virtually or e-styled. This time I got to get my hands on the dress.

If you follow my blog, you know I was recently in Houston styling a great couple. Amy had  a dress that just wasn’t living up to its potential. (I always feel like I should have the Dragnet theme playing at this point in my WMM  blog posts. Now that it’s playing in your head, read on.)

Misfit Profile:

Client: Amy W., Houston, TX

Gifted writer, wife, new mother and generally wonderful person.

Item: A-line floral dress

Problem: No shape

The a-line swing of this dress did a bang-up job on hiding Amy’s beautiful hourglass figure. Despite its lovely print, it was headed for the donation pile. I couldn’t let that happen.


Strategy: Create shape with other pieces

Amy’s floral dress hanging in the background while I style another dress for her “Look Book”.



In the case of the other Wardrobe Misfits Makeovers I’ve blogged about I have selected pieces online to pair with the misfit. In this case, the majority of the pieces paired with this dress came from Amy’s closet (with the exception of some new accessories including shoes, and two jackets). This is  called “shopping your closet”, or “styling your closet”.

Styling a client’s closet is one of my favorite things to do, especially when a client really loves a piece, as Amy did this dress, but can’t make it work. It’s like finding the missing pieces to a puzzle that bring it all together.

To style Amy’s dress, I brought in two sweaters, several jackets, one blouse, and complementing accessories. I chose each item to accentuate Amy’s hourglass figure, putting the emphasis on the waist and creating long, lean lines.

These are the results:







Styling Amy’s floral dress for her “Look Book”.


Result: Wardrobe Win!

Using items from her closet, and a few new pieces, I was able to style more than ten distinct, figure-flattering new outfits using Amy’s floral dress that was previously headed to the donation pile. In fact, she is going to wear one of those new outfits in an upcoming family portrait.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Wardrobe Misfit Makeover. For more styling tips following me on social media. You can find the links here.

Got a Wardrobe Misfit you’d like me to style? Or is your whole wardrobe full of misfits? Contact me today for an appointment.

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