Why Your Clothes Misbehave

New Cover Sharon Batts



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Sharon describes her book perfectly in this quote  “By the end of this book you will gain understanding of fit that will give you the power to make your clothing behave beautifully.”

“Why Your Clothes Misbehave” gives women just what we most look for,  wisdom that gives us power and the freedom to not let labels dictate who we are! 

Sharon knows exactly how we feel about ourselves in the dressing room of a store trying on a desired outfit! Now she gives us perfectly understood solutions in which we can attain that outfit, instead of chunking it back on the hanger and walking out defeated!

I would highly recommend this book to ALL women and teens to get a grip on letting you be in charge of the label instead of the label being in charge of you! 

Through her wisdom, her illustrations and experience Sharon gives every age and size of ladies the opportunity to take charge of and begin to actually enjoy their shopping! I know I will now! ~Stephanie Hogan Farquhar