Made for Each Other: A Look Book Love Story


Personals_Spunky Asian Print Jacketseeking equally interesting wardrobe companion for cocktail party

Just Call Me Dolly

Creating Looks for my clients is a bit like being a matchmaker. I start with one lonely piece that just needs a good companion, tweak this and that, and add accessories to bring it all together in one cohesive Look. I get a kick out of seeing my client’s face light up when I present her with an outfit she loves, made up of pieces she says she never would have put together.

Today, it all started with an Asian print jacket. Pretty, isn’t she?


It would be easy to pair her with simple black pants and call it a day, but she is going to a cocktail party and simple just won’t do. She needs something that brings just as much interest to the table as she does.

Enter the black beaded skirt.


This skirt brings a lot to the party with beads and sequins that mimic the bubbles rising in a glass of champagne. Unlikely pairing? Let me tell you why it works. Essentially, it is a black straight skirt, a very versatile piece. The beading adds a contrasting texture and a little bit of sparkle, but not so much that it competes with the bold print of the jacket.

Put them together and…


they aren’t very inspiring. A boxy jacket and a straight skirt leave too much to the imagination. This is where I earn my keep as a stylist. Tweaking. A Look is about more than two pieces. It’s about how you wear them together and the accessories that make them work.


What this pair needed was something to define the waist. Enter the Wardrobe Superhero — a belt, or, in this case, a sash. Double wrapped and tied with one loop to the side, it gives the Look shape.

But I wanted something to give it a more casual flair. Cuffing the sleeves does the trick.


Now, it’s time for the finishing touches. I use jewelry to drive home the particular feeling I want a Look to evoke. For this look I was going for something bold, playful and rich. That means layers.


I mixed a crystal tennis bracelet, ruby tennis bracelet and a beaded pearl bracelet to create the feeling of rich layers. I kept the earrings simple, gold crystal hoops, to keep the look elegant. Anything large or flashy would push the Look from rich to fussy.


Finally, I added elegant platinum snakes skin heels to complete the Look. The end result is unique and striking. Perfect for standing out at a cocktail party. It’s an unlikely pairing of two bold pieces that were made for each other.


There’s romance waiting in your closet, too. Let me help you find it. Are you ready to see what Look Book Love Stories are hiding in your wardrobe?



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