Wardrobe Branding: Santa Style

Style Profile_ Nick

Style Subject: Nick

Problem: Drab, shapeless clothing

Solution: An injection of color, proper fit, and the wardrobe superhero (a.k.a. a belt)

Nick needed a new look. His old uniform was oversized, shapeless, and blended into the woodwork.



In short, Nick’s work uniform did nothing to communicate his jolly demeanor, inspire his target audience, or function properly during his peak season. To become the Santa we know and love, Nick needed to rebrand his wardrobe.

Enter three power players in the wardrobe branding arsenal: color, fit, and accessories!


Nick started out wearing a number of different colors. They did nothing to bring out his complexion, or stand out in the memories of children.




But he shed his duller suits for a new red one in the Victorian era, thanks to illustrator Thomas Nash, and other illustrators followed suit.

Style Profile_ Nick(1)

Though he still dabbled in a few other colors from time to time, by the early 20th century red had become his signature shade.

Red is dynamic, drawing attention with its warmth and is even credited with raising the heartbeat of those who see it. It is also a color that projects power, which is helpful when trying to wrangle stubborn reindeer.




Nick wasn’t concerned that it was suggested that red increased appetite. That was just icing on the cookie for a fellow who relies on large amounts of sweets to keep his signature jelly-like physique.




Nick’s old suit almost dragged the ground– a tripping hazard in deep snow.



By opting for a tunic paired with softly draping pants he increased his mobility. That’s important, because Nick has places to go, chimneys to pop down, and curious children to elude.



Besides, there is nothing more embarrassing than landing at the bottom of a chimney with your robe up over your head.


Red is grand, but Nick’s look needed some contrast to make it pop. Enter the wardrobe superhero! A wide black belt creates definition at Nick’s waist and makes his belly-jiggling laugh a real show.

There you have it! Nick’s use of color, fit and accessories– the three power players of wardrobe branding– have created our lasting and instantly recognizable Santa Claus. (This is as he appears in the West. A savvy marketer, Nick goes old school in the Old World.)

Are you ready to see what wardrobe branding can do for you?




Sharon Batts
Wishing You a Merry Christmas!









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