The Transformative Power of a Haircut

The Story of a HaircutI’m a big believer in the power of a haircut to transform a person’s appearance. As an image consultant, it’s one of the first things I look at with a client. A great haircut complements a person’s features, works with her lifestyle and adds the finishing polish to her entire look. This past Thursday I decided I needed a little transformation of my own with a fresh style.

My layered bob cut.

I knew I wanted to go pretty short this time. My layered bob had grown out and I have been restless for a change. I scoped out the short haircuts on Pinterest and eventually chose a long pixie that is quick, easy, and fun. I printed off a picture and headed to Donna at Salon Enigma.

A Great Stylist for a Great Cut

I wasn’t worried as I sat in my stylist’s chair watching hair rain down on the floor with the whisper of a razor. Donna Windsor has been cutting my hair for “a gazillion years”, as she puts it. She combines technical skill and artistry in her work, and the results are extraordinary. Because of her skill, I was able to relax as she cut away everything that didn’t look like the picture I had given her. I felt like Millie Dillmount — casting my curls and cares away.



Donna is used to my coming in wearing one haircut and requesting a radically different one because I want a change. It’s been going on like that for years. She has given me lovely long layers and super short pixies and everything in between.

The only time I didn’t like one of her haircuts, she told me I wouldn’t like it in the first place, and I asked her to do it anyway. She was right.

Cute as the haircut was, I didn’t like the amount of product or maintenance it required. “Live, learn, die and forget it all,” as my gramp used to say. I would add, “Listen to your trusted stylist. She knows more than you do.”

This time I had Donna’s approval of my choice.

The Finished Product

Chic and sweet. I am loving this long pixie. Just a tiny bit of pomade and away I go.

Expert Advice

Are you ready to make a major hair move? I asked Donna to give you some advice before you go for a dramatic new look. Here’s what she said:


If you’re unhappy with your life, a new haircut won’t make it better. Before you try something drastically different with your hair, make sure that it’s your hair that needs changing. If what you want to change really is your hair, a new look can be exhilarating and you can get it for relatively little money.

2“I’ve been cutting your hair for a gazillion years,” Donna told me. “I can pretty much read your mind. (True.) I know what you’re thinking. If it had been someone else, that conversation [about the picture of the haircut you wanted] would have been a lot longer before I pulled out my razor and started cutting hair a half inch short.”

No matter how good a stylist is, you have to be clear about your expectations before any hair cutting begins. Keep talking until there isn’t any question that both of you know what you want the end product to be.


If you’re going to get a bold new style, you need makeup that can keep up with it. Hair and makeup are a packaged deal. Just as a beautiful ensemble can be destroyed by a sloppy, banana clip hairdo, makeup that doesn’t match the feel of your hairstyle can be visually jarring. Your hair, makeup and clothing should all work in harmony.


When you bring a picture to your stylist, be prepared to commit to the entire look — including color. Color plays a big part in any style. If you leave that out of the equation, you won’t be able to achieve the same look.

5If you take a chance on a new style and you don’t like it, just wait awhile.




Special thanks to Donna Windsor for a fantastic haircut and her expert advice.20160317_105726~2

If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are looking for a great stylist, give Donna a call at 817-605-9889.





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