Holiday Style Guide: 3 Reasons Not to Wear Black



The holidays are upon us, and with them parties demanding festive attire. Most women will be tempted to reach for their LBDs (Little Black Dresses). This season stretch yourself and step away from the black — at least for evening parties.



The “Black Makes Me Look Slimmer” Myth Exposed

Black isn’t the only way to go if you want to slim your appearance (the number one reason most women wear it). The truth is, even black can’t save a poorly fitted outfit. Don’t worry! A visit to the tailor to get a good fit will help slim your appearance without requiring you to abandon color.

3 Reasons Not to Wear Black





The Disembodied Head Effect

Yes, a black dress can be beautiful, but it isn’t the best choice for a dimly lit venue. Take a look at the society pages and you will find at least one photograph of a lovely woman reduced to a disembodied head because her black gown has blended into the shadows.





Black is more expected, and therefore less memorable.

It’s much easier to be recognized as the woman in emerald green, than one of many women wearing black. Color can also project confidence, which is attractive as well as being memorable.





 Color sets a mood.

Feeling fiery? Wear red. Want to look regal? Wear purple. Color is a tool that is begging to be used — especially for special occasions. Find the color that conveys what you want to say about yourself.


Does color scare you?

Try these options for easing out of black and into color

  • Deeply saturated tones such as plum, sapphire blue, and crimson can give you the drama of black with the impact of color. Don’t go too dark, or you’ll run into the “Disembodied Head Effect”.




  • Prints with a black element. Just make sure that there is a 50/50 balance of black and color.




  • Metallics, such as gold, silver, and platinum, function as neutrals with a big personality that will add sparkle to your holiday ensemble.




Step outside the expected this holiday season. Leave your black dress in the closet and explore how festive color can be.










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