Misfit Makeover

There is one lurking in nearly every closet– a wardrobe problem child which you just loved when you purchased it, only to find out that it had…issues. Most Wardrobe Misfits are merely misunderstood. I’m here to help. With a little styling your Wardrobe Misfit can become a Wardrobe Win. … More Misfit Makeover

My Hat Speaks Spanish

“Where did you get your boina vasca?” I turned to face a smiling gentleman. When he stopped me, my friend Susanna and I were enjoying the fantastic A Wish With Wings Kitchen Tour, which benefits children with life-threatening diseases. I’m used to people stopping me when I’m wearing a hat. Regardless of the style, hats … More My Hat Speaks Spanish

Holiday Style Guide: 3 Reasons Not to Wear Black

  The holidays are upon us, and with them parties demanding festive attire. Most women will be tempted to reach for their LBDs (Little Black Dresses). This season stretch yourself and step away from the black — at least for evening parties.     The “Black Makes Me Look Slimmer” Myth Exposed Black isn’t the … More Holiday Style Guide: 3 Reasons Not to Wear Black