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  • Powerful

Your style needs to be powerful communicator since you only have the blink of an eye to make a lasting impression. Everyone’s wardrobe functions like a handshake across the room. You need a wardrobe that makes for a good introduction.

  • Personal

Personal Branding helps you stand out in a fast paced world. Your personality should extend to your clothing, showing people who you are at a glance. The things that make you unique, make you memorable.

  • Easy

Fashion doesn’t have to be frustrating, or uncomfortable. I will work with you to design a wardrobe that is as easy to wear, as it is stylish.

As a personal stylist and image consultant, I help clients solve their wardrobe problems and make the right impression. Let me create a wardrobe for you that is powerful, personal and easy.

You save the world. I’ll find the suit.™

To get started today, contact me here https://sharonbattsstyle.wordpress.com/contact/.

To read what my clients have to say, click here https://sharonbattsstyle.wordpress.com/testimonials/.


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