The Parson Piece: Marrying Two Separate Pieces into One Perfect Look

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The following are excerpts from a real Style-by-Text conversation about what I call a Parson Piece™. My client’s texts are in gray, mine are in yellow.










































A Parson Piece is my name for that wonderful item that has the ability to take two separate clothing items and marry them into one perfect look.

Have you ever had that moment when you are putting an outfit together and two of your pieces really want to be together, but aren’t quite gelling? That’s when you need a Parson Piece. Everyone should have several Parson Pieces in his or her wardrobe.



Parson Pieces are especially effective in bringing together strong individual color personalities.

You don’t need a Parson Piece for an agreeable neutral. Neutrals are compliant.

It’s those intense shades that know exactly who they are that need a little help getting together. It’s worth noting that Parson Pieces have a strong personality, too. It’s what makes them able to stand up to and bring together other strong pieces.



In the case of my client, it was how to bring together a bright blue — bordering on electric — and an intense jade. When she texted me and asked if they went together, I remembered a bold Stella & Dot bracelet she had. It carried both colors in its design, making it perfect for bringing both pieces into harmony. Her bracelet married them into a punchy, exciting, and cohesive look. That’s what a Parson Piece is meant to do.



Parson Pieces are usually accessories, although they can be a third piece of clothing. Either way, the right Parson Piece needs to be a clever combination of the intense colors, or shades of those colors, you’re seeking to marry.

For men, most of your Parson Pieces will be accessories such as ties, pocket squares and socks. For women, jewelry and scarves often secure Look Harmony.

Some of my favorite Parson Pieces are paisley. Scarves made from Indian Saris, plaids, floral patterns, and tapestries are also good candidates for Parson Pieces.



Check out one of my own looks on Instagram that features a Parson Piece.



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