Is a Capsule Wardrobe Right For You?

capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes (wardrobes made up of 37 or fewer coordinating pieces) are all the rage today. Stores are even setting up “Capsule Boutiques” within their regular displays to encourage buyers to build their new Capsule Wardrobes without leaving their shops. But Capsule Wardrobes, like any other trend, need to be evaluated before adopting them. Depending on your lifestyle, there are benefits and drawbacks to this trendy, lean style of dressing.

A Capsule Wardrobe May Be For You If

  • You prefer a minimalist style. By their very nature, Capsule Wardrobes pare down your choices to the essentials.
  • You have limited space. Forget walk-in closets. The smaller number of items in Capsule Wardrobes can be housed in small spaces.
  • You have little time to devote to thinking about your wardrobe. Since all items in a Capsule Wardrobe are designed to work together, getting dressed in the morning is as quick as choosing a top and bottom.

A Capsule Wardrobe Isn’t For You If

  • You thrive on variety. Those with eclectic styles are likely to feel confined by a limited selection.
  • You’re a mood dresser. If you’re like me and like to choose clothing based on how you feel, or want to feel. For example, today is a cloudy day and I chose to brighten it with an orange plaid shirt and a sunny yellow scarf, another day I will want to dress in cool tones.Capsule Wardrobes generally have a restricted color palette to ensure all the pieces coordinate.
  • You wear many different “hats” in life. The items in a Capsule Wardrobe have to be able to pull double duty in your work and everyday lives. For example, if your work life is strictly corporate and your play time is outdoorsy active, a Capsule Wardrobe won’t serve your lifestyle as well as something more varied.

If you decide a Capsule Wardrobe is right for you, the pieces need to be extraordinary– both in quality and appearance. Even though it may be convenient to purchase all your items in a “Capsule Boutique” you will end up looking like an ad for the store, rather than expressing your personality. The best Capsule Wardrobes have a curated look, appearing to have been selected over time from items you truly love.

To get started on your own Capsule Wardrobe contact me today.

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