Pixie to Long Layers in 100 Pictures

My original Long Pixie. One of my favorite haircuts EVER. March 2016.

It all began here, with this Long Pixie. I loved it. I kept it for about two years and then started the LONG process of growing it out. Here’s that journey in pictures.




Growing out started and I used texture to keep things interesting. Pixies go mullet on you very quickly, so I trimmed the back myself for a while. Once I had some length to work with I made an appointment with Donna, my hairstylist, to give it a new shape that would grow out well. Enter the short Bob.

IMG_2017-04-24 12-01-34~2

The Bob began to feel a little tame, so I whipped out my scissors and cut some blunt bangs for interest. (One of Donna’s tips for growing out a short haircut.) Some days I wore them down, others swept to the side.




Some days I couldn’t stand it and swept my hair up into a retro French Roll. Tiny gripper clips came in handy for that.

IMG_2017-09-01 10-25-33_20170901131104930

Once it was long enough I began to play with spiral curls and waves.




Then, I bounced back to straighter styling. This in-between length is my least favorite, so I played with a lot of styles to keep it looking fresh.




And I got the occasional trim to keep the ends healthy.








In the summer I often threw it up in a messy bun for running errands and working with clients. Kept it cute and out of my way.






When I went in for this trim, Donna was finally able to start shaping it into the long layered look I was aiming for. It would still need to grow to reach the final look, but it was getting there!


It looked great just in time for my “Why Your Clothes Misbehave” photo shoot.








Scarves, waves, curls and straight. On it grew.




Time for spiral curls, again.


Spring and summer 2019.








Two years later and I can say, it’s a lot of hair! I’ll be keeping it this length for a while. Until I get the urge to do it all over again.


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