Holiday Style Your Way: Not Your Grandma’s Christmas Sweater

Oh, yay...Time to dress for the holidays, again.


Holiday parties are upon us, and unless you have a dedicated Christmas party sweater vest like Nora Krank, you may be wondering what on earth you are going wear. Like a reindeer in headlights, you stand in front of your open closet and try to think of something:






“There’s the little black dress that I wore to Johnny’s recital … and to two funerals last year. Nothing like that thought to make you feel festive. Oh! There’s the red sweater I got for the family Christmas card four years ago .… Nope. Marsha from accounting wears one just like it every year .… What am I going to wear?”



Do Holiday, But Do It Your Way

Dressing for holiday parties can be disheartening — whether you’re male or female — if you get stuck in the same old rut. I’ve got your back with some fresh ideas. I explore color and texture to brighten and bring some distinctive style to your festive attire. Go to my Pinterest board “Do Holiday, But Do It Your Way: Distinctive Holiday Looks for 2018”  to see the complete look, but continue reading here on to find out why these looks work.

Color to the Rescue

Color is the ideal medium to change up your holiday style, given its power to influence and convey our emotions. Our Christmas trees and holiday decorations aren’t strictly red and green or blue and silver, so your holiday wardrobe doesn’t have to be, either.

Here are four ways to use color to update and impress with your holiday style.

Elegant Monochromatic:

One color in various shades can bring serious sophistication to the party. The key with this look is to use various textures to bring depth to what you’re wearing. Think in terms of combining three distinct textures, such as flannel, corduroy and leather, or knit, pearl and patent like the elegant ensemble on my Pinterest board.



The key is to make sure that you carry the color down to your footwear. Wearing shoes of a different color can spoil the impact of a monochromatic look.






Tradition with a Twist:


Wearing a traditional color, such as red or green, in a non-traditional shade can set your holiday look apart. If you love green, by all means wear green, but update it by wearing olive or warm-toned greens like I used for my men’s casual look, or paler shades of jade or celadon.


If you prefer red, think of brown-toned reds like garnet, or pinker shades, such as raspberry, or pomegranate.


Sometimes all you need is a slight shift in shade to bring a fresh feel to your look.

Color can also inject life into a traditional look, such as a tuxedo. I used distinctive accessories that add a sophisticated punch of color to the classic formal gentleman’s ensemble.

Mix Icy Shades with Jewel Tones:


I have to say, this is my favorite holiday dressing trick. When you juxtapose an icy color, such as pale blue, with rich jewel tones such as plum, burgundy, and sapphire, you create a contrast that brings out the best in each. It works just as well for men as it does for women and adds luxury to your look.


Pale Pastels:


Pastel shades are part of the winter landscape and can bring an unexpected lightness to the party. Here, texture plays the role of reminding us that it’s a winter wonderland.


Think in terms of cabled knits, sparkling necklaces, sequins, fur, velvet, and corduroy.

Changing your color scheme may leave you wondering if you’ve hit the right note. Just ask yourself this when you look in the mirror, “If I were an ornament, would I want to hang me on a tree?” If the answer is yes, then you know you’ve struck the right holiday tone.


Remember, complete holiday looks featuring my color tips above are on my “Do Holiday, But Do It Your Way: Distinctive Holiday Looks for 2018” board on Pinterest. Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you.

If you’re still wondering what to wear, then contact me today for a personal styling appointment. It all starts with a complimentary consultation. I look forward to hearing from you! Merry Christmas!


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