The Style Files: Five Ways to Style Your Collar


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Here it is. Your basic collar that by definition is a piece that finishes or decorates a garment. *yawn* Pardon me.

Your collar can do more than hang around your neck. It’s time to put it to work for you for some serious style.

Here are five easy ways to style your collar:



The Audrey Pop


This simple trick was used to style Audrey Hepburn’s plaid blouse in “Sabrina”. It’s a great way to say that even though your dressed casually, you’re still in the style game. This works best with a fairly stiff collar that won’t go limp. If you have to keep flipping it up you will lose the casual cool effect.

Denim and crisp cotton shirts are ideal for “The Audrey Pop”.


Buttoned-Up Beauty


Tap into a classic feel just by buttoning your blouse at the collar. If you’re a fan of a minimalist style this is a great choice for you.

How I wear this look: I love doing this with my black silk blouse with a Peter Pan collar. Peter Pan collars can be a little sweet, so I like the restrained elegance of the buttoned-up look with my charcoal skinny jeans, and a pair of spectator ballet flats.

IMG_2017-06-07 10-20-39~2
The basic “Buttoned-Up Beauty” look with my black silk blouse with a Peter Pan collar.


High Katherine


This is a combination of The Audrey Pop and Buttoned-Up Beauty looks. Katherine Hepburn wore a version of this in “Desk Set”. It’s particularly effective if you have short hair, or wear your hair up and clear of the collar. Button earrings are also in order. Keep it clean and crisp to maximize the impact.

IMG_2017-06-07 10-21-11~2
The “High Katherine” with my Peter Pan collar. The effect is even better with a stiffer, pointed collar.


Pin-Up Girl


Give new meaning to being a pin-up girl by adding your favorite pin to you collar. There are several different ways to play with your collar and pins, or brooches. You can pin it across both lapels, on one side with the collar flipped down, on one side with the collar flipped up on the other side. You can create a trail of pins leading down your collar onto the shirt, or fasten a brooch in the center back of the collar. You can even pin the collar tips back. It’s all about whimsy and having fun with your clothing.




Rope some style with the Lasso (yes, I am a Texas girl and it has to pop up now and then). This is more about your top collar button hole than the collar itself. Just pull the end of a thin scarf through the top button hole and tie it for a unique twist. Or, thread a long necklace through the top button hole, loop it around however many times you like and fasten it in the back. Adjust the individual strands to the length you prefer.




Don’t let your collar be lazy anymore! Put it to work and show your style.

Did you try one of these styling tricks and like it? Share your pics in the comments.





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