Fall Fashion in a Warm Climate






Fall in Texas

Fall is my favorite season. I long for sweater weather and changing leaves, scarves and woolen hats. The problem is, I live in Texas. In Texas, Summer dies hard. Texans get giddy when the first cold front blows in (usually in late October) and knocks the temperature highs down to the high 70s or low 80s Fahrenheit. My friend, humorist Matthew Morton, put it perfectly:


Summer in Texas is like that kid who graduated years ago, but keeps showing up to all the dances. He’s like,”Hey!! You guys remember July? Those days were awesome!!” And everybody else is like, “Somebody needs to tell Summer we’ve moved on, man. It’s October. This is embarrassing.” But we all just wait quietly for the Principal to show up and tell him, “Summer, it’s not appropriate for you to be here anymore. Move on to the Southern Hemisphere and make new friends your own age.”


Fall fashions have a sumptuous feel created by texture and layering. Until summer is truly ousted, the question becomes how to indulge in the spirit of fall fashions without all that cable knit and heavy layering.

Three Ways to Dress For Fall in a Warm Climate

1. Wear layers, but make them sheer.




This embroidered net vest and vintage neck scarf lend a serious amount of texture without driving me to heat exhaustion. Adding a sheer vest, scarf, or jacket can bump up the fall feel of your outfit and still keep you cool and comfortable.


2. Mix prints and textures to bring a feeling of depth without sweltering bulk.





The sheen and bright autumnal floral of my silk scarf play off the rough texture and dark striping of my shirt. Autumn fashions often use multiple layers to create a complex and rich aesthetic. By juxtaposing prints and textures you can achieve a similar effect without having to use more than a couple of pieces.


3. Layer your jewelry.





I used a garnet cross on a gold chain, a garnet and gold necklace, and a rough ruby necklace to create a look that is much more interesting than any one of those necklaces would be alone. By matching my lipstick to the stones, I reinforced the luxurious wine color pallet. Whether you choose to stick to one main color, or mix it up with a variety of complimentary hues, by layering your jewelry you can evoke a rich fall ensemble regardless of the weather.


Fellow lovers of sweater weather take heart. It’s on its way. Until it gets here try these tips to keep your wardrobe looking beautifully in season.









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