Working Your Wardrobe While You’re Losing Weight




Losing just a few extra pounds can make a profound difference in your appearance, but you can’t enjoy your slimmer figure if you hide your new body under your old clothes. Many of my clients are on a weight loss journey when they come to me. Often, they try to put off changing their wardrobes until they have reached their final goal. That is a big mistake. While you’re losing weight is no time to skimp on your appearance.

Weight loss happens a few pounds at a time and you will likely hit several smaller goals on your way to your ultimate healthy weight. Don’t postpone the joy! Celebrate along the way by making smart investments in your wardrobe that will show how your effort is paying off.

Here’s the skinny on looking great while you’re losing weight:

61. Invest in some new clothing every time you go down two sizes. Ideally, you would purchase some new pieces for every size you drop, but that isn’t always practical. You can fudge a little when you’ve dropped one size, but when you have dropped two your clothing will be adding pounds to you and hiding all your hard work. If it keeps you motivated and makes you feel good when you look in the mirror, then it’s a worthy investment even if you still have a way to go. You can always resell, or donate your in-between purchases once you’ve reached your final goal.


92. Keep your new purchase costs down by shopping at thrift stores. Besides offering beautiful (sometimes designer) clothing at great prices, many thrift stores benefit worthy causes so you can feel good about how you look and who you’ve helped with your purchase. My last visit to a thrift store nabbed me a stunning red dress for $1 and a fabulous top for $3. At those prices a generous wardrobe refresher can be had for under $30.

3. Tailor your existing wardrobe. A nip here and a tuck there can breathe new life into an 8old suit and show off your new, svelter physique. Keep in mind the cost of a new equivalent item when you’re deciding whether to tailor something. Sometimes it is less expensive to purchase a new piece than alter one you already have.

4. Shop your closet. Most of us don’t ditch the clothing we can no longer 7wear, but stuff it in the back of our closets for the day we lose ten pounds. Have you lost ten pounds? Dig out those hidden items and see what you can wear. It’s easy to forget about what we have stashed away, so be sure to go through your whole wardrobe. Look at what’s in your closet, dresser— even what’s in storage. There is no telling what treasures you may find!

5. Re-think how you style your current wardrobe. An over-sized button front shirt can be saved by the “Wardrobe Superhero” (a.k.a. the belt) by highlighting your changing waistline.The same shirt could also be tied at your waist to emphasize your slimming figure. You might even be able to wear it tucked in. Just because you’ve always worn it one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a more flattering way to wear it now.








Adjusting and adding to your wardrobe as you’re losing weight can boost your morale and help you enjoy the fruits of your efforts. So, don’t postpone the joy! Invest in yourself along the way and look chic all the way to the finish line.












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