My Top Three Picks For Tax-Free Weekend: Pick #3

Tax-Free Weekend

My final pick of my top three Tax-Free Weekend purchases is a quality pair of jeans. There’s nothing like great jeans. They are wardrobe multi-taskers extraordinaire and can make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

If you are a bargain shopper you may find it difficult to spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans, but when it comes to denim you often get what you pay for. I have two pair of jeans that were originally $70 each and they have lasted me for over 10 years. Bargain brand jeans never lasted me that long. I have another pair that were also $70 that have lasted me for five and counting. When you break the initial cost down by PPU (Price Per Use), $70 was an excellent investment. Now, I am a frugal shopper and I got the first two pair that I mentioned for $20 on the clearance rack, which makes the PPU even better, but the other pair was full price and still worth it.




Three things to look for in a good pair of jeans:

1. Cut

The most universally flattering cut is still a mid-rise with a straight leg. It stands the test of time and avoids the limited shelf-life of other cuts. Boot cuts can also work as long as they are not extreme. Some more drastic boot cuts can give your lower half an hourglass look that can emphasize a fuller tush in an undesirable way. The trouser cut is a conservative classic, while skinny jeans need to be tailored for a perfect, custom fit.

2. Color

Jeans come in a variety of colors: red, green, traditional indigo, etc. Think about what will work best with your wardrobe. How versatile do you need these jeans to be? Do you want to wear them for several seasons? If versatility and longevity are your goals, go for something in the indigo family. If you’re looking for a fun statement, opt for another color.

3. Wash

“Wash” refers to the intensity of the dye used on the denim. A dark wash is a deeply saturated tone. It’s also the dressiest and frequently the most figure flattering. A light wash is pale and more casual in feel.

Whatever your choice, expect to try on several cuts or brands to find what works for you. EVERYONE has to do it. NOTHING is wrong with your figure if you have to try on multiple pairs to find a good fit, or even end up walking out without a new pair. Hang in there. Jeans often don’t come easy.

Remember that jeans can be altered by a tailor. If you find a pair that close to the fit you’re looking for take them to a tailor and see if they can be altered for your perfect fit. A beautiful pair of jeans is worth the investment.

That’s my final pick! Have fun making the most of Tax-Free Weekend. I’d love to see your finds. Share them with me here, or on Facebook. Go forth and save some money!


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