My Top Three Picks for Tax-Free Weekend: Pick #2



My second pick for Tax-Free Weekend is a pair of knee boots. You may question whether you can get a good pair of boots that will qualify for the under $100 Tax-Free Weekend limit. I wouldn’t recommend it to you without doing the research. At DSW alone (as of August 2) there are 213 pairs of knee boots that are priced $99.95 and under — so boots are a perfect purchase for Tax-Free Weekend!


Gray Boot


Three things to consider when buying a pair of boots:

  1. Color

A good pair of boots is a long term investment, so this is one case where I recommend going with a neutral color. Black, brown, buff, and gray give you the most versatility over time. I have a pair of black riding boots that have seen me through more than a decade of cold weather. They go with everything. My other pair of boots are cowboy boots in buff and brown. They also go with everything. Purple boots may be cute in the store, but they aren’t likely to bring much value with them to your wardrobe.

2. Style

Color is not the only thing to consider when investing in a pair of boots. Style is important, too. If you are looking to invest in boots to last you through a few seasons choose boots with classic styling, rather than a trendy pair that will look out of place 12 months from now.


It’s hard to smile when your feet hurt. Don’t “make do” when it comes to the comfort of your boots. Choose shoes that will support your style and your body.

Check back tomorrow for my final pick in my top three picks for Tax-Free Weekend.





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