It’s Time For a Watch (No, the clock on your phone isn’t good enough.)

Time For a Watch

“What’s a watch?”- I heard my cousin smart off to her aunt who had just told her to check her watch for the time. It’s true, most people under the age of 30 use the clocks on their phones rather than a watch to tell the time. But if you are not wearing a watch you are missing an excellent opportunity to express your style.

Watches are fashion statements, besides their practical use of telling time. They are works of art that we wear on our wrists (or elsewhere). They tell people our style aesthetic and they have the power to transcend the other things we are wearing. You may be in old jeans, but that shiny piece of hardware tells everyone at the grocery store that you do dress up once in a while and look chic when you do. That’s something the clock app on your smart phone just can’t do.

Most people remember their first watches. My first one — a pink jelly number, with multi-colored hearts suspended in a water-filled bubble over the face — told my entire eight-year-old style story at a glance. I still have it, though my style has changed significantly.



These days I wear one of two different watches. The first is a silver and gold-toned wristwatch. I was looking for something classic that fit my small wrist, but didn’t look “precious”. I tend not to go too sweet with my accessories. I am a petite person and like wearing something substantial (but not clunky) to add distinction to my look. That watch fits the bill—at least until I can afford the $2.6 million Patek Phillippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175R. (A girl can dream!)

Cherry Watch

My other watch is one my mother gave me on my last birthday and it speaks to the more playful aspects of my personal style. It’s a vintage novelty watch, shaped like cherries on a stem. Originally it was a pendant, but I wear it pinned to the collar of my black and white plaid trench coat. I love it for its color and whimsy.

Both of my watches tell different parts of my style story. If you don’t have a watch that does the same for you, it’s time to start looking for one (or maybe more).

When you shop for a watch, begin by thinking about what you want it to say about you. Then, head to a store that features several brands and designs to choose from.

A couple of days ago I was at the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets preparing for the Fall fashion show to be presented by  360 West Magazine on September 29th. (It’s going to be fabulous!) While there,  I came upon Watch Station International. When I saw the store, I decided that it was the perfect place to scope out the watch scene for this blog post and marched right in with camera and notebook in hand.  20160718_153649~2

Watch Station International is a Fossil owned company. Their stock of around 15 different brands ranges from $20-30 Adidas pieces to $2000-3000 diamond encrusted Michelle watches. There’s a little bit of something there for just about everyone.20160718_152504~2


Ivy was the first salesperson to greet me and I appreciated her approach: friendly, informative, not pushy. I asked her what she was liking in terms of brands. She told me that one that impressed her with its quality was Burberry. It’s a favorite among her customers, and she pointed out the unique ceramic bezel detail that really makes the face stand out.

Karl Lagerfeld “Perspektive” White Ceramic Pyramid Stud Bracelet watch.





Another brand that Ivy steered me to was Karl Lagerfeld. It’s geometric designs stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for edgy, look no further.


Kate Spade “Tiny Metro” in blue.



Kate Spade and Michael Kors are top sellers, as well, and made it onto Ivy’s list. The Kate Spade styles run from the classic to the whimsical and I rather liked this one with a rose gold setting. Rose gold is my favorite metal tone for lighter complexions like mine. It also combined a leather strap with the sparkle of crystal, which was a nice juxtaposition.

Diesel “Ironside” Men’s Chronograph Quartz watch.



On the opposite end of the spectrum were the über masculine Diesel watches. They looked as if they had been plucked from WWII era airplanes, or might have been worn by the Rocketeer. It’s a great aesthetic that combines both retro and futuristic elements.

In short, I found a lot to choose from at Watch Station International, and was impressed with the knowledge of their staff. The variety they offered spoke to many different tastes, making it likely that you could find a watch there to reflect your personal style.

Look for a watch that tells your story. It’s true that the clock on your cell phone can give you the time of day, but a watch is a punch of personality for your wardrobe. If you are looking to up your style, it’s time for a watch.


Special thanks to Ivy, Portia, Josh, James and Marisa at Watch Station International for their expertise and welcome.






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