Wardrobe Misfit Makeover: Ankle Boots

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Misfit Profile

Client: Sarah W., Hurst, Texas

Beautiful, busy, making motherhood look chic. No time for this misfit nonsense.

Item: Funky Antonio Melani Ankle Boots

Boots in Frame


Problem: Finding Balance

Sarah wrote me, “I can’t figure out how to wear them [the ankle boots] with skinnier jeans and pants. I’ve had them for about 3 months and haven’t worn them because every time I try they just look wrong to me. I tend to be a very practical shopper and these are out of my comfort zone, so I’m lost.”

Strategy: Create some harmony with strong supporting pieces.


These ankle boots are a statement piece. They are like a strong lead singer who needs great background vocalists to sing the harmony.

With boots this funky, it wouldn’t do to pair them with completely conservative pieces, but you also don’t want anything to compete with them. I’ve chosen distinctive pieces that can support the style set by the boots without detracting from them.

This V-neck Cape Blouse is perfect to add some soft balance to skinny jeans and ankle boots. The cape sleeves drape loosely over the arms, while the under-cami fits closer to the body. It has a nice flow, but keeps the waistline slim. Sarah is an olive-skinned beauty with dark hair and eyes, which will be set off by the intense red of the blouse. See the blouse I’ve chosen here.

Sarah's outfit


Figure-skimming skinny jeans are the perfect accompaniment to ankle boots. I’ve gone with a black pair that won’t fight with the pattern on the boots. I recommend that you have your skinny jeans tailored to fit your figure perfectly, because even though skinny jeans are meant to be skinny no woman’s figure is flattered when her legs look like stuffed sausages. See the jeans I’ve chosen here.

Kim's Necklace Featured Item


For a special touch I asked jewelry designer, Kim Lee of Kim’s Creations, to make a one-of-a-kind necklace with a unique asymmetrical design. The Trinity Necklace has a black and bronze bead base, accented by an offset feature of rope beads, spaced with a pop of turquoise. The accent piece  stands out against the red blouse to add interest while the base mirrors the colors in the boots. It’s a perfectly funky addition to the ensemble. See the Trinity Necklace here.

Kim donates five percent of the profits from all her jewelry to a pregnancy center, unless the purchaser has a special charity request. Fashion that makes a difference — you can’t do better than that!

Finally, a staple with a twist, simple black stud earrings polish the look off. I have kept the earrings small so they won’t compete with the necklace. See them here.

Result: Wardrobe Win!

A few harmonizing pieces balance the bold statement of these ankle boots. With all the pieces working together this ensemble really sings!

Got a Wardrobe Misfit you’d like me to style? Send it to me at batts.sharon@gmail.com. Item needs to be on a hanger in a high-resolution image.

Is your closet full of Wardrobe Misfits? I can help. Contact me now to see how I can make your entire wardrobe a win.








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