Misfit Makeover


There is one lurking in nearly every closet — a wardrobe problem child which you just loved when you purchased it, only to find out that it had … issues. Most Wardrobe Misfits are merely misunderstood. I’m here to help. With a little styling your Wardrobe Misfit can become a Wardrobe Win.

Misfit Profile

My first Wardrobe Misfit comes from Susanna C., a Bank Officer from Fort Worth, Texas.

Item: Daisy Fuentes sleeveless dress in deep forest green




Problem: Uninspiring Shape

There is nothing really wrong with this simple dress. It has a lovely color (which is particularly pretty with Susanna’s blond hair and hazel eyes) and an interesting texture. But as a basic, it was not made to stand on its own.

Strategy: Pair it with other pieces to define create a defined, flattering shape

Solution 1

Pair with a chambray shirt tied at the waist, with the sleeves turned up at the cuff. By tying the shirt the waist is emphasized. Cuffing the sleeves three times removes visual bulk from the waistline — something every woman can appreciate. Add a statement necklace and ballet flats and you’re good to go with a casual and flattering outfit.




Solution 2

You can’t go wrong with a fitted blazer. It’s important that the blazer has a well-defined waist, otherwise your figure will be lost between the full skirt and a loose jacket. Add a scarf for added slimming visual length, a statement brooch, and a pair of knee boots to complete the look.




Solution 3

Play up the dress’s feminine appeal by topping it off with a pretty lightweight cardigan. A long necklace visually lengthens the torso, while the skinny belt defines the waist. Add a pair of heels and a stylish clutch for a pretty and put together look.




Result: Wardrobe Win!

This Wardrobe Misfit was really just lonely. Given some other pieces to play with it shines as the beautiful and stylish basic it was meant to be.

*Wardrobe Misfit Makeover Update*

Susanna took my styling tips and sent me this picture of her wearing her Wardrobe Win. She looks every bit the smart, fashionable business woman she is. Looking good, Susanna! Thanks for sharing.

Susanna looking great in her dress.


Got a Wardrobe Misfit you’d like me to style? Send it to me at batts.sharon@gmail.com. Item needs to be on a hanger in a high resolution image.










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